We hope to help you avoid gambling addiction and Betting Addiction. Here are a few facts and principles in betting
Problem gambling also is known as gambling addiction or compulsive gambling. It is an urge to gamble continuously despite harmful negative consequences or a desire to stop.

Many people are running in gambling addiction since you can grab your phone tabled or laptop anywhere any time at the middle of the nigh and place a bet hoping to get some cash if a few hours, after 90 minutes incase of football Betting.

1. If the fun stops: stop it 🛑!

Gambling Betting addiction
Gambling Betting addiction

Yes, if the fun stops, Please Stop it!. Betting should be for fun only: if you don’t find fun in it, we advise you to stop it. The main priority for betting should therefore be fun as opposed to making money.

2. You must Loose!

Losing money is also an inevitable part of betting. Don’t say we didn’t tell you. Only bet what you can afford to lose! Underline the word lose.

3. Gambler’s fallacy (False Belief)

Gamblers believe that they can predict the future outcome of match events based on past events. This is however not true. I can assure you. I have been trying this for the last 5 years. Author

Phases of Gambling or Betting Addiction

  • Winning Phase
  • Losing Phase
  • Desperation Phase
  • Hopeless Phase

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