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Jackpot also refers to a large accumulator bet resulting from pre-selected football matches by bookies that bettors are expected to predict the outcome of the matches. Punters are expected to predict the outcome of a match in the form of 1X2 or double chances of DC12, DC1X, or DCX2. Some bookmakers like Betika with Sababisha daily jackpot allow you to predict the jackpot in the form of goal-goal or No-Goal. If all the games and matches are correct, then a winner is called up come and awarded a  grand prize; if no bettor manages to predict all the games correctly, bookies have bonuses that will be awarded and divided equally among the winners with the highest and set bonuses. The winning amount of bonuses may vary depending on the number of winners, among other factors. Below are the top 5 bookmakers that offer pre-selected jackpot games in Kenya:

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Sportpesa Mega Jackpot

Ksh 150

  • Ksh 196 Million
  • Stake: Ksh 99/-

  • 17 Games

  • Bonus:12,13,14,15,16

  • Double chances: 7

Sportpesa Mid Jackpot

Ksh 99

  • Ksh 10 Million
  • Stake: Ksh 99/-

  • 13 Games
  • Bonus:10,11,12
  • Double chances: 7

Betika Grand Jackpot

Ksh 149

  • Ksh 100/ 50 Million
  • Stake: Ksh 99 /20
  • 17 Games
  • Bonus:12,13,14,15,16,17

  • Double chances: 7

Betika Midweek Jackpot

Ksh 110

  • Ksh 15 Million
  • Stake: Ksh 15/-
  • 15 Games
  • Bonus:12,13,14
  • Double chances: 5

Betika Sababisha Jackpot

Ksh 79

  • Ksh 200,000/-

  • Stake: Ksh 10/-
  • 8 Games
  • Bonus: NA

  • Double chances: 0

Mozzart Daily Jackpot

Ksh 95

  • Ksh 20 Million

  • Stake: Ksh 20
  • 16 Games
  • Bonus:13,14,15
  • Double chances: 8

Mozzart Grand Jackpot

Ksh 169

  • Ksh 200 Million
  • Stake: Ksh 50/-
  • 20 Games

  • Bonus:0, 17, 19, 19

  • Double chances: 10

SportyBet Jackpot

Ksh 90

  • Ksh 5 Million
  • Stake: Ksh 50/-
  • 12 Games
  • Bonus:  10,11
  • Double chances: 12

Odibet Daily Jackpot

Ksh 75

  • Ksh 300,000/-
  • Stake: Ksh 15/-
  • 10 Games
  • Bonus:8,9
  • Double chances: 0

Betlion Daily Jackpot

Ksh 70

  • Ksh 200,000/-
  • Stake: Ksh 20/-
  • 8 Games
  • Bonus:

  • Double chances: 8

Betlion Goliath Jackpot

Ksh 170

  • Ksh 350 Million
  • Stake: Ksh 100/-
  • 20 Games
  • Bonus:17,18,19
  • Double chances: 20

Betpawa Pawapot Jackpot

Ksh 140

  • Ksh 250 Million
  • Stake: Ksh 50/-
  • 17 Games
  • Bonus:15,16
  • Double chances: 17

Betpawa Pick 17 Jackpot

Ksh 125

  • Ksh 5 Million
  • Stake: Ksh 5/-

  • 17 Games
  • Bonus:13,14,15,16
  • Double chances: 17

Betpawa Pick 13 Jackpot

Ksh 105

  • Ksh 1 Million

  • Stake: Ksh 5/-
  • 13 Games
  • Bonus:10,11,12
  • Double chances: 13

Jackpot Prediction

Are you tired of losing your stake in random bookies today? Do you want to increase your chances of hitting the jackpot and winning big? If so, you need to start using our jackpot predictions. Jackpot predictions refer to the process of using mathematical algorithms and statistical analysis to predict the outcome of a jackpot. Several different factors go into making jackpot predictions, including past winning numbers, current trends, and player behavior. By considering all of these factors, Betwinner360 tipsters make highly accurate predictions that will help you increase your chances of winning and making profits. Whether you’re a seasoned bettor or just starting, our jackpot tips will help you manage your stake and make the most out of it.
We offer you the following categories of jackpot predictions:
  • Daily jackpot prediction
  • Midweek jackpot tips
  • Weekend jackpot prediction
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Daily Jackpot Prediction

Are you looking for well-analyzed daily jackpot tips and predictions to help you use a low stake and give a high return on your stake? Look no further! Betwinner360 offers you well-analyzed, accurate, and sure daily jackpot predictions and tips this week. At betwinner360, you will receive the following daily jackpot predictions;

Midweek Jackpot Predictions

Every day presents a day to make profits from football. Football, the most popular sporting activity worldwide, presents football fans with unlimited opportunities. Today just watching a football match has no match fun than when you are the football match looking that you have an opportunity to make money from it. That is why bookies offer you jackpots you can stake with as low as KES 10 and win up to at least KES 100M per jackpot. In the middle of the week, most Kenyans look forward to midweek jackpots from the most popular bookies in Kenya today. The Betika midweek jackpot is one of the jackpots available over the middle of the week, and this jackpot has 15 pre-selected football games. We offer with following midweek Jackpots tips and predictions today:

Mega Jackpot Predictions – 17 Games

Most football matches are played during the weekends, from local to international leagues/competitions. This allows the most bookie to have a wide range of selections for their matches, most of them making a selection of 17 games per jackpot. Popular bookies in Kenya that offer jackpots like Sportpesa and Betika provide bettors with 17 pre-selected football matches. Bookies allow you to correctly predict the outcome of the pre-selected matches (Jackpots) to win grand prizes of over KES 280M from a stake of KES 99. If you cannot predict the 17 games, they offer you the option of making profits from bonuses. We offer you the following sure weekend Jackpot Predictions and tips to help increase your chances of making real profits from jackpots:

VIP Jackpot Predictions this Week

Today some websites offer both free and VIP jackpot predictions. Still, none can be compared to the experience and reliability that Betwinner360 offers you for the best football jackpot predictions. We offer you the most accurate and sure jackpot predictions for all the significant jackpots in Kenya, Tanzania, and Africa. We have a paid-for package, a VIP jackpot package of well-researched and analyzed jackpot predictions for you. Each game is analyzed purely from stats, that is, the past H2H matches, the last matches by both teams, the league/ motivation, and the current form of a team, among other factors that today affect a football match. Our predictions will help you increase your chances to 80%. With over 85% success rate, our predictions have profits for many of our VIP subscribers in Africa and beyond.
Jackpot Predictions FAQ
Jackpots are considered low risks with high returns, and mainly for the potential earnings you can have. Jackpots are known for being online betting lotteries, so you can expect to invest a small amount and get a great return. For instance, in the Sportpesa Mega jackpot, with a stake of just KES. 99, you can win up to KES. 280M on a single weekend. Many bookies offer jackpots in Africa and, in particular, in Kenya.
Betwinenr360 today is the most accurate jackpot predictions website offering you sure jackpot tips to help you make profits from jackpot bonuses. Many websites offer free and VIP jackpot predictions in Kenya today. The possibility of getting the best website that will guarantee you a return of your stake and making profits is very few. In Betwinner360, we have a team of pro-tipsters who do their best to offer you sure and accurate jackpot predictions from the most popular bookies in Kenya and Africa. Subscribe to our VIP jackpot prediction this week and increase your chances of winning jackpot bonuses.
You must analyze each football game from the pre-selected matches to predict a jackpot. We are the home of statistically analyzed football predictions offering punters and you nothing but the best tips to win amazing jackpot prizes and bonuses from your favorite jackpots. We put into consideration all the factors that may affect a football match, including the following;
  • Player and team form: The performance of individual players can significantly impact a match’s outcome. Factors such as injury, fatigue, and confidence can all influence a player’s form.
  • Tactical setup: The tactics used by both teams can significantly impact the outcome of a match. Teams may opt for different approaches, such as a defensive or attacking mindset, which can significantly impact the game.
  • Home-field advantage: Playing at home can provide a psychological boost for a team and lead to a more favorable reception from the crowd.
  • Player availability: A team’s performance can be significantly impacted by the absence of key players due to injury, suspension, or other reasons.
  • Past Head-to-head performance: A team’s recent and historical performance can also impact the outcome of a match. Teams with a good track record against each other are likelier to continue this trend in future matches.
So why wait? Take your football betting to the next level with our jackpot predictions today.
The probability of winning a jackpot depends on the accuracy of predictions. We recommend you get jackpot predictions from reliable and trustworthy sites like Betwinner360, for we offer you sure jackpot predictions that are well-analyzed and researched by our team of tipsters. Our jackpot tips will help increase the accuracy level, thus increasing your success rate from 10% to 85%. So the probability of winning the SportPesa jackpot is up to 80% with Betwinner360 jackpot prediction and tips this week.
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