Shabiki Jackpot predictions this week are available at Betwinner360. Our football prediction website offers Shabiki predictions for the Shabiki supa jackpot and Shabiki midweek jackpot. We have a team of in-house tipsters with an in-depth experience in football betting. Hence, our Shabiki Jackpot predictions have the potential to help you hit the 5M grand prize and Shabiki Jackpot bonuses. Get our Shabiki Jackpot Prediction Today and improve your betting experience.

  • Shabiki Supa Jackpot: 15 Games, Stake of 99/- and Win KES 15M

  • Shabiki Midweek Jackpot: 13 Games, Stake of 49/- and Win KES 1M

  • Shabiki jackpot mbao: 17 Games, Stake of 20/- and Win KES 200+M
  • Premier Leagues Jackpot: 6 Games, Stake of 8/- and Win KES 100K
  • Quick Cash Jackpot: 7 Games, Stake of 5/- and Win KES 60K

  • Shabiki Jackpot Mbao Bonuses: For correctly predicting the outcome of 0/17, 14/17, 15/17, or 16/17 Shabiki Jackpot Mbao matches, you will get a bonus.
  • Betting Platform: Shabiki Jackpot page

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Shabiki Midweek Jackpot Prediction

8:00 PM THURSDAY 23 MAY 2024

Shabiki Supa Jackpot Prediction

6:00 PM SUNDAY 19 MAY 2023

Shabiki Jackpot

The newest bookmaker offering punters or bettors a chance to make millions of money by offering them pre-selected football games that are expected to predict the outcome
Currently, 1X2 Shabiki has 2 main jackpots:

  • Shabiki Supa Jackpot
  • Shabiki Midweek Jackpot
Shabiki Jackpot Predictions Today, Tips and Bonuses this week Betwinner360

Shabiki Supa Jackpot Prediction

Shabiki Supa Jackpot is a fun game where you pick the outcomes of 15 pre-selected football matches. By getting all 15 matches predictions correct, you stand a chance to win Ksh. 5,000,000 with a stake of only KES 99. You can play the Supa Jackpot by sending an SMS or going online to Shabiki website. To win the Shabiki Supa Jackpot, you must predict all 15 games correctly. Even if no one gets all 15 right, we have the Shabiki Jackpot bonuses, which start at getting 12, 13 & 14 games correct. Subscribe to our premium Supa Jackpot predictions for sure winning tips.

Shabiki Jackpot Mbao Prediction

For predicting 17 pre-selected football matches, you can make KES 20M from the Shabiki jackpot mbao. Now you know, right? Shabiki jackpot Mbao is a selection of 17 football games by Shabiki Kenya. The jackpot has a cash reward of KES 20M, which is progressive. Whenever no one wins the jackpot, the amount appreciates every week. Shabiki jackpot mbao is available over the weekends, where bettors place their bets with a stake of KES 20M per bet. You are allowed to place your predictions before the scheduled kick-off of the first match; hence the jackpot cannot be canceled or changed once it’s been placed. To help you make profits from the jackpot, Betwinenr360 has a team of pro-tipsters who analyze the jackpot for you and offer you sure jackpot predictions for the weekend if you are looking forward to winning the jackpot or making profits use our accurate Shabiki jackpot prediction, today and increase your chances of winning the fantastic jackpot cash prize.

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Shabiki Midweek Jackpot Prediction

Shabiki has the Midweek Jackpot to make your week even better. The Shabiki midweek jackpot has 13 pre-selected football games from any league. The 13 games are pre-selected by Shabiki. To play the jackpot, you use a stake of KES 49 only. For correctly predicting the 13 games, you win a cash prize of KES. 1M (Shinda 1M na 49/-). Betwinner360 is here to ensure that you make profits by offering you sure to win only Shabiki midweek jackpot predictions today. Get our Shabiki Jackpot tips and improve your betting experience.

Premier Leagues Jackpot Prediction

The premier league jackpot is based on 6 pre-selected football matches from the top-flight premier leagues, and the cash prize for the jackpot is KES 100,000; thus, the jackpot can be placed online through Shabiki Via or an SMS. To place the jackpot, you use a stake of KES 8/- thus, Shabiki allows you to pace unlimited entries per jackpot bet. The jackpot has no bonuses. Betwinner360 offers you sure Shabiki jackpot predictions and tips today.

Shabiki Jackpot Bonuses

Shabiki has 2 main jackpots that it offers you, and from the jackpots, you can make a profit from the Shabiki Jackpot bonuses. The Shabiki jackpot bonuses are awarded to those who correctly predict all the matches other than a minimum of 3. If the jackpot is won, the jackpots will be paid at a discretion. Betwinner360 offers you all Shabiki jackpot predictions and tips to help make profits from the jackpot.

Shabiki Jackpot Prediction FAQ

Betwinner360 is the most accurate and sure jackpot predictions website today, with over 6 years of offering bettors accurate free and VIP Jackpot predictions making us a trustworthy site for Shabiki jackpot predictions today.

Yes. The Shabiki jackpot has bonuses for the Shabiki Supa Jackpot and the Shabiki Midweek Jackpot. To increase your chance of getting the Shabiki jackpot bonuses, use our Shabiki jackpot tips and predictions for today. Our Shabiki jackpot predictions have a success rate of over 80%, improving your chance of getting the bonuses for this week.

Place your Shabiki jackpot predictions today via their Shabiki jackpot website by 1st signing into your account and then selecting the team you are predicting. Or you can play via SMS simply by sending Game ID#prediction#stake to 29063, e.g.,12345#1#200 to 29063.

Official Shabiki Jackpot results will be posted on Shabiki social media platforms, after which Shabiki will announce the winner(s). Shabiki reserves the right to verify the winner’s identity and ascertain that the individual claiming winnings is the rightful holder of the account in question, with relevant authorities and identification documents presented before final payments are made. The period for claiming large amounts is ten (10) days. After this period, Shabiki may deem the prize forfeited unless the period is extended at our sole discretion.