International law provisions, including ones designed to prevent money laundering, demand that providers of online trading services take extensive measures to verify traders’ identities and personal details. Gathering such information not only helps prevent fraud but also allows the trading services provider to help traders manage risk in a manner most befitting their financial situation.

Providers of online financial services are obliged to offer their services equally and without prejudice to all. In light of this, the above-mentioned measures should not make it difficult for anyone who is financially or socially disadvantaged to become a registered user, open and manage a trading account.

We are committed to highest discreetness and data security when dealing with the sensitive personal details we gather from our clients.
While complying with the guidelines described above, we always maintain the highest levels of privacy and data security.

In our case, we use do not use a direct physical POS system where we are able to physically authenticate ownership of cards. Nevertheless, we use Online E-commerce supporting payment gateways who we believe and have trust in that they have put all the technological standards to curb fraud as we as well do our part to be foremost to raise alarm when we realize fishy/untrustworthy payments.

We are henceforth committed in ensuring;

  • Our clients provide their customer details when making purchases. email, contact number and address
  • The website has a valid SSL certificate to act as a firewall to prevent fraudsters from getting client details.

Contact Info

In case we are required to provide more info in regards to a given transaction we are fully compliant. Reach us our via our payments department email: [email protected]


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