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The betting industry is an extremely amazing industry that offers individuals several possibilities of winning extraordinary Jackpots. A Jackpot is a collection of matches pre-selected by the Bookmaker by which punters need to accurately predict every one of them to win the Jackpot. Betwinner360 provides you with Free Jackpot Prediction and VIP Jackpot Predictions and Betting Tips from the Most popular Bookmakers including; Sportpesa, Bekita, Mozzart, Odibet and Sporty Bet. Subscribe to our Jackpot Tips and win bonuses today:
All JPS:

  • 1 Week KES 599
  • 2 Weeks KES 1099
  • 1 Month KES 1899

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Sportpesa Mega Jackpot

Ksh 150

  • Ksh 196 Million
  • Stake: Ksh 99/-

  • 17 Games

  • Bonus:12,13,14,15,16

  • Double chances: 7

Sportpesa Mid Jackpot

Ksh 99

  • Ksh 10 Million
  • Stake: Ksh 99/-

  • 13 Games
  • Bonus:10,11,12
  • Double chances: 7

Betika Grand Jackpot

Ksh 149

  • Ksh 100/ 50 Million
  • Stake: Ksh 99 /20
  • 17 Games
  • Bonus:12,13,14,15,16,17

  • Double chances: 7

Betika Midweek Jackpot

Ksh 110

  • Ksh 15 Million
  • Stake: Ksh 15/-
  • 15 Games
  • Bonus:12,13,14
  • Double chances: 5

Betika Sababisha Jackpot

Ksh 79

  • Ksh 200,000/-

  • Stake: Ksh 10/-
  • 8 Games
  • Bonus: NA

  • Double chances: 0

Mozzart Daily Jackpot

Ksh 95

  • Ksh 20 Million

  • Stake: Ksh 20
  • 16 Games
  • Bonus:13,14,15
  • Double chances: 8

Mozzart Grand Jackpot

Ksh 169

  • Ksh 200 Million
  • Stake: Ksh 50/-
  • 20 Games

  • Bonus:0, 17, 19, 19

  • Double chances: 10

SportyBet Jackpot

Ksh 90

  • Ksh 5 Million
  • Stake: Ksh 50/-
  • 12 Games
  • Bonus:  10,11
  • Double chances: 12

Odibet Daily Jackpot

Ksh 75

  • Ksh 300,000/-
  • Stake: Ksh 15/-
  • 10 Games
  • Bonus:8,9
  • Double chances: 0

Betlion Daily Jackpot

Ksh 70

  • Ksh 200,000/-
  • Stake: Ksh 20/-
  • 8 Games
  • Bonus:

  • Double chances: 8

Betlion Goliath Jackpot

Ksh 170

  • Ksh 350 Million
  • Stake: Ksh 100/-
  • 20 Games
  • Bonus:17,18,19
  • Double chances: 20

Betpawa Pawapot Jackpot

Ksh 140

  • Ksh 250 Million
  • Stake: Ksh 50/-
  • 17 Games
  • Bonus:15,16
  • Double chances: 17

Betpawa Pick 17 Jackpot

Ksh 125

  • Ksh 5 Million
  • Stake: Ksh 5/-

  • 17 Games
  • Bonus:13,14,15,16
  • Double chances: 17

Betpawa Pick 13 Jackpot

Ksh 105

  • Ksh 1 Million

  • Stake: Ksh 5/-
  • 13 Games
  • Bonus:10,11,12
  • Double chances: 13

Sunpel Jackpot Predictions

Are you looking for the best predictions to help you win the jackpot? Look no further than Sunpel Jackpot Predictions, the ultimate source for expert analysis and tips. At Sunpel Jackpot Predictions, we have a team of experienced football pundits who are dedicated to providing the most accurate and reliable soccer prediction advice. Our experts use the latest statistics and trends to analyze each match and provide detailed predictions for the Sunpel Jackpot. Betwinner360 Sunpel Jackpot predictions consider many factors, including team performance, player form, head-to-head records, and more, allowing you to make informed decisions on your bets. We also provide detailed analysis and insider information, such as injury news, to help you stay ahead of the game. Whether a seasoned bettor or a beginner, our Sunpel Jackpot predictions can help you maximize your winnings. Our expert analysis and insider knowledge can help you make better, more informed bets, giving you a better chance of winning on the Sunpel Jackpot.

Sunpel Mega Jackpot Predictions

Mega jackpot predictions and tips are available over the weekends every week. We offer you all the jackpot predictions for all the jackpots on the weekends, from Sportpesa Mega Jackpot and Betika grand jackpot predictions to Shabiki Mbao jackpot predictions. This week’s Sunpel jackpot predictions are already updated. Click on any jackpot above to access the predictions and tips to improve your chances of making profits and winning jackpot bonuses from different bookmakers today.

Sunpel Midweek Jackpot Tips

Over the weekday, bookmakers offer punters chances to profit by winning amazing jackpot prizes or bonuses. Sportpesa and Betika are the two most popular bookmakers in Kenya that offer you Midweek Jackpots. For Jackpot, you can predict a home win, a draw, an away win, or a double chance (1, X,2 or DC12, DC1X, or DCX2). Every double chance you add to your slip, your stake amount automatically increases. For well-analyzed and researched Sunpel Midweek Jackpot predictions, Betwinner360 got you covered today.

Sunpel Daily Jackpot Tips

Today you stand a chance of making up to KES 20M per day from Mozzart Bet Kenya, offering you a daily jackpot. Other bookmakers in Kenya give football fans a chance to win big cash prizes for predicting the pre-selected football matches. Betwinner360 offers well-analyzed Sunpel daily jackpot predictions for today, tomorrow, and the weekend to increase your chances of getting these cash prizes and jackpot bonuses daily. Subscribe to our daily jackpot predictions packages to join the winning team.
Sunpel Jackpot Predictions FAQ

Sunpel Jackpot Predictions is a service that provides expert analysis and tips for the Sunpel Jackpot from Betwinner360. Our experienced tipsters use the latest statistics and trends to provide the most accurate and reliable predictions for each match.

Our experts use a variety of data sources and statistical analysis to make informed predictions for each match. While no prediction is 100% accurate, our experts strive to provide the most accurate predictions possible. Sunpel Jackpot Predictions are updated regularly to reflect the latest information and trends. Our experts monitor player form, team performance, and other factors to provide the most up-to-date predictions.
Sunpel Jackpot Predictions are available on our website, where you can easily access and view our latest predictions. By providing expert analysis and insider information, our Sunpel Jackpot Predictions can help you make informed decisions on your bets and increase your chances of winning big on the jackpot cash prizes and jackpot bonuses.
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